Mr. Kyoto's Aquarium Shop

Mr. Kyoto’s Aquarium Shop is an original children’s puppetry story that follows the journey of a stubborn girl, Maddy, who barges into to an aquarium shop to return her boring goldfish, Herbert. Evoking a children’s fantasy for all ages, Mr. Kyoto’s Aquarium Shop is a visually striking performance including live musical song and dance numbers to illustrate the story- all performed as a one-woman show. Funded by the Jim Henson Foundation and sponsored by Free Arts.


Edward's House of String

A modern fable from puppeteer Cindy Derby’s Edward’s House of String is a moving and mysterious performance in which stop-motion animation, live puppetry and hand-crafted scenic elements create potent images that delve into realms of psychological loss. While unraveling threads and rustling trees, Derby manipulates the lonesome Edward and the world that surrounds him to illuminate the unseen forces that shape his existence. In doing so, she speaks to the power that even the dimmest memories have to influence and transform the psyche. 

"[Edward's House of String] brims with canny invention and inspired visual poetry."  -LA Weekly