Hi! I’m Cindy. And this was me in 5th grade. At this point in my life I enjoyed taking photographs of my two cats, decorating miniature shoe boxes with armadillos, and creating creepy drawings of all my crushes.

When I got older, I went to theater school for many years where I trained to be a performer. This helped me learn how to tell stories. I think of a picture book as a stage for all the characters in my head to come to life. Getting them out helps me function, because otherwise, all those characters would start picking on one another.

Today, as a 33-year old living in San Francisco, I still love armadillos, but ironically, I also love ants. My very first book as an author illustrator was How To Walk An Ant, and it came out early this Spring with Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan). I also illustrated a poetry collection by Shannon Bramer called Climbing Shadows (Groundwood Books). I have some other books coming out in 2020 and 2021. So stay tuned for those.

All my illustrations are created in watercolor, India Ink, gouache, colored pencils and pastels. I also make my own paint brushes.

Some facts about me:

  • I used to be a puppeteer and performed all over the world. I was awarded by the Jim Henson Foundation and other foundations to help create my work! Look at some photos here.

  • I lived in Glasgow and attended The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

  • I have a very unique laugh.

  • My favorite food is rice pudding.

  • I have a dog named Banjo who can walk on his hind legs and clap his front paws.

What I’m Up to now: